Come As You Really Are
Music and lyrics 2012 by Mike Luno

verse 1
The second Sarah fed me cake off her fingers when I met her
and her cowboy hat fell off
Becca kissed a girl or three or four others
while her husband bound the first two, smilin'
Sitting by Annette, she slips out and in of much of what she wears
Only half-aware
Wandering upstairs, who cares what you're wearing?
Watch the dance below
Do you really want the blow-by-blow?

Hey, show me the ropes
and I'll teach you some gypsy guitar
Don't come as you are
But tell someone your wildest dreams
Go ahead and scream

verse 2
Line up at the bar and start conversation,
pretty stranger - love the way you feel for me
Nora struts past and won't last a minute in that dress
She swaps it for a smile so free
Sarah One comes untangled from her beautiful friends
for sipping on her husband's knee
My enchanting Melissa shows me all I've been missing for too many long years
and the things we see and do from upstairs

(Come on, let me hear you scream)
Safe in the arms of illusion
I'm trying to live forever tonight
by the slight, sweet scent of leather, sweat and perfume
This room's benediction
frees whatever's bound too tight

verse 3
Cassy is reclining across Second Sarah and Jay
Amie makes appearances, but with the night she slips away

chorus 2
Hey, everybody earns their stripes
in tears of release you can taste
Come as you like
for exchanging all your wildest dreams

(chorus 1)
I just want to watch your dream

Your Very Best Knives
Music and Lyrics copyright 2003 by Mike Luno

verse 1:
Throw out your flowers, your fine clothes and all your perfect poetry
Cut the excuses and come clean while you still can
You can dispense with your careful lip-service while I'm around
'Cause I've already seen what you're trying to conceal in your hand

chorus 1:
All the best lovers, liars and killers wait to see the whites of your eyes
You cut a fine figure – you and your very best knives

verse 2:
Love is just some holy host of a virus without a cure
Your best intention's invention of a new bed of nails
I know it's love – nothing personal – we all take it lying down
But I keep meeting the devil in every last little detail

chorus 2:
All the best lovers, liars and killers wait to see the whites of your eyes
You cut a fine figure – you and your very best knives
And I really can't take much more of the happiest days of our lives
You cut a fine figure – you and your very best knives

We're born addicted to not every being quite satisfied
We give and take plenty – you can spread it on with your knife
(chorus 2)

Busload of Weirdos
Music and Lyrics copyright 2004 by Mike Luno

chorus 1
I'm on a busload of weirdos and there's another one getting on
Slumming superheroes and a wannabe Don Juan

verse 1:
I climb on – into the bus we ride on
Not too far gone before I look around to see what's staring back at me
Old man rockin' and not in a good way
Talkin' to Miss Thin Air
Blocking the aisle with the ghost of a smile,
miles beyond me
Ride the aisle, grip the rail
But nobody here can keep their balance
They all show stranger talents

chorus 2
Well, I'm on a busload of weirdos and crowded in between
I'm still nowhere near home and this is really not my scene

verse 2
We ride on – I pass the party girls goin' to town, getting so loud
Panoramic skin and conversation on display
Old eagle-eyed lady – trying to stare me down already
Like I'm shady
And the goth girl turns her romance novel page
Some are friendly, some are stone
Some don't speak the language
So don't ask me what this guy keeps asking me

chorus 3
I'm on a busload of weirdos – looks like I'm stuck here for a while
Among the partiers and paranoids for another dozen miles
Yeah, the busload of weirdos and everything's bizarre
It's strange that no one here knows how peculiar they are

You know I get the feeling I'm uneasy 'cause I kinda recognize
Every one of these travelling oddities
There's more than a little bit of them in me and me in them
I've been there and I'm catching sight of my reflection in every face here

I just lie back and smile now that I recognize
These are my people all inside out

chorus 4
I am a busload of weirdos – was I talking to myself?
My head's full of voices, but how many I can't tell
Partiers and paranoids, delusional and dazed
And all my cool composure – was it just a passing phase?

Music and lyrics copyright 2004 by Mike Luno

verse 1

You know and I know and we pretend we don't
and everybody plays dumb to get close
It's a striptease and wax keys and
no guarantees, I'm sorry
You might not get what you see in the window
But the slimmer the chances, the sweeter the taste
Rare as gold and still finer than the
chain 'round your waist
You can't pull the hooks from your side
one by one
It's all or none, it's all or none

Because you love the look of it
Got a thing for the feel of it
Crazy for the smell of it
and dying for a taste
It appeals to your vanity
Lets you gamble your sanity
Might even keep you company
Lying face to face

verse 2
You cheat and you charm and you change
and pretend you don't
I do much worse but I admit it
It gets in your blood, this natural drug
and it tears my face off
Maybe you recognize me, but I didn't
So we'll pick up the pieces tomorrow sometime
Redeem our spent bodies from our partners in crime
You're still on the hook half a dozen ways or more
For next time - I'll see you next time


Get your kicks while you're young enough
Order the sampler tray of love
Join the beautiful, beautiful club
and weep champagne
If it looks good enough to eat
pull that sweet thing from the tree
Matter over mind, want over need
and you'll be back again

Heart Beat Up
Music and lyrics copyright 2003 by Mike Luno

verse 1

She's got places to be
Time is money, time is sanity
and it's too tight to mention, too scarce to see
I walked away without a scratch on me-
walked away damned near invisibly

She likes remote control
She played with me until I wouldn't roll
and she pressed every button she could possibly find
Suffered the nightmare that I might not mind
Suffered a shock of a poetic kind

I could've begged, I could have cried
if not for the last stubborn ounce of my pride
Now her collection has one empty space,
got my heart beat up but I saved my face
Heart beat up but I saved my face

verse 2
The moon turns tides and flows
Money pulls, beauty draws, power grows
Handfuls of diamonds or just frozen tears
Her conscience was always the least of her fears
This widow's daughter is wise beyond her years

How she loves parades
Riding by in her casual display
and it doesn't matter which street I walk
Her cavalcade is coming 'round the block
Her smile rolls by smooth as a rock


verse 3

In this contagious state
nobody fights fires with a fire escape
But I've been here before and I know how it ends
Sometimes it's better to break than to bend
Sometimes you need a kick in the ass to transcend

Heart beat up but I saved my face
Heart beat up but I saved my face

Paradise Close
Music and lyrics copyright 2006 by Mike Luno
verse 1

I walked up the drive
and the gate closed behind me so fast
And all down the lane
pretty houses stood silent to the last
I'm looking for house sixty-five
Paradise Close, I've arrived
Where you can forget all but you
and your precious kind

Every deck, every stream
every benevolent dream
We tilt just a little in our favour
(I hear you knockin' but you can't come in)
It's the way of the world
gotta grab it and growl
All the comforts and a sacrificial saviour
Something borrowed, something blue
rent is high and overdue
But we just cleaned out the neighbours

verse 2
Private police keep these streets safe for
us and our friends
You can't drive fast or go far
down these windy dead-ends
but it's all quite alright
best security that money can buy
and my stock portfolio's in the sky
chorus 2
Every road, every field
and every spinning wheel
All the luxuries and a sacrificial saviour
It's nothing less than we all deserve
God helps those who've got the nerve

verse 3
So maybe I bought into slave ships
and sweat shops down south
Maybe whatever,
I won't look this meat horse in the mouth
Cause I'm in house sixty-five
Paradise closes tonight
And I always wash my hands before I come inside

Chorus 3
Every table, every floor
and every far-away war
rent is high and overdue
but we just robbed blind the neighbours
God knows we've got the nerve
so give us all what we deserve

We All Burn
music and lyrics copyright 2005 by Mike Luno
verse 1

Another song for the collection -
I stored the words in gasoline
Preserving everything I cannot say
light a candle, come and see
And the sun will someday swallow us
If we don't consume each other first
And in the days when I'd have
set myself afire for you
You were the hottest and the worst

And we burn eventually
Yeah we burn, we all burn

verse 2
I confessed my sins in twelve bars
A sacred pornographic joke
The management soon forgot our name-
Another handshake up in smoke
When you were smashing all your precious things
Even I was precious then
Shattered and scattered across the atmosphere
It's so exciting losing friends


Now put away your concerns
I'm sure you can think of a better conclusion
Spin, spiral in or escape
But we can't hold this shape
Such sweet dissolution


Now put away your concerns
I'm sure you can think of a better conclusion

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