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Our first CD, Get Inside is now available on iTunes.
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Mike Luno Band is returning to the Backstage Lounge, Granville Island, Vancouver - Friday, June 22, 2018. We grabbed footage and live audio from our last performance there in April, so have a look at what to expect with  Descend and brand-new original I Know What I Like.  Watch for more in the near future!
Background: last Fall, the Backstage Lounge had been slated to convert from Live Music Venue to Italian restaurant by January, 2018. Thanks to local press and support, Backstage  Lounge is designated to remain a live music venue at least through Summer this year. Keep up the support, people! Come see live music at the Backstage Lounge and be counted as one who helped save a live music room in Vancouver! 
You can also help through this page: here. Let your voice be heard!
Special guest on bass for this coming Backstage Lounge gig will be Mike Nitchie, currently of Blue Scarlet and a veteran of many gigs and bands with Mike Luno going back to their high school and university days. Considering the night's line-up will therefore consist of Curtis Michael Leippi, Mike Nitchie and Mike Luno, we may temporarily change the band name to Mike Band...
Stuff is ready, and there's more in the making! MLB heads back into the studio this April/May to complete an album's worth of new material. Meanwhile, there's some tasty new stuff available. There's even video of their January '16 performance at the Railway Club. Check out 'Devil's Wife' here!

You can also find a selection of our other new material on our jukebox! Just hit the player on the bottom of this screen.

Previous video - "Skin" performed live at the Roxy, January, 2014. Check it out here here!

Mike Luno Band -
2013 Nominee - Vancouver Island Music Awards BC-Wide Artist of the Year
2012 Supernova Van Sessions Grand Prize Winner 
-and thanks to you: three-time winner of the Supernova Wildcard Prize!
What does this mean? Check out the news article here
Read Mike's Supernova interview here 

Concert review from Catherine Allman of Vancouver weekly for our recent Backstage Lounge performance: "The night kicked off at about 9:00 p.m. with the Mike Luno Band taking the stage and playing their hearts out with some interesting originals and amazing musical skills, in particular the guitar-picking, which was nothing short of impressive. "

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Thought-rock-served-hot-and-funky album "Get Inside" is now available!
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Welcome to the official website of the Mike Luno Band of Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Curtis Leippi - drums
Mike Luno - vocals, guitars
Jason Nickel - bass, vocals
rock funk fusion prog groove

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Hot off the presses - "Rugburn" at the Roxy, Supernova Sessions 2012
of MLB at the Cambie Summer Sizzler  and footage of our first
live performance in Vancouver - October, 2010 at the Railway Club! www.youtube.com/user/mikelunoband 

The Current  Blog: "Heroes". We've lost some giants over the last year. Here's a brief  look at the legacies.
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