1. We All Burn

From the recording Come On Come On Come On

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We All Burn

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We All Burn
Another song for the collection
I stored the words in gasoline
Preserving everything I cannot say
Light a candle, come and see
And the sun will someday swallow us
If we don't consume each other first
And in the days when I had set myself afire for you
You were the hottest and the worst

And we burn eventually
We burn, we all burn

I confessed my sins in twelve bars
A sacred pornographic joke
The management soon forgot our name
Another handshake up in smoke
When you were smashing all your precious things
Even I was precious then
Shattered and scattered across the atmosphere -
It's so exciting losing friends

Now put away your concerns
I'm sure we can think of a better conclusion
Spin, spiral in or escape
But we can't hold this shape
Such sweet dissolution