1. Beauty Hurts

From the recording Come On Come On Come On

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Beauty Hurts
Music and Lyrics by Mike Luno

Strange kind of currency - it's traded everywhere
It's more faithless than a dollar and impossible to share
beauty hurts
She'll show you what you're missing at the drop of a photograph
Welcome to the place she wants you - burning for a laugh

I wasn't born bitter but I'm hardly a saint these days
Unreal and suspicious, fragile and duplicitous
I can't take your beautiful ways - beauty hurts

She passed the point of power's corruption in high school guerrilla wars
Her face is cleansed in jet fuel - a face no one ignores
beauty hurts
Is this world your herd of cattle or perhaps your swarm of flies
not a single one really matters 'til you need a sacrifice

god loves a congregation singing praise and adulation
Who came from who's imagination? Boy, you got it coming in revelations
Is your god nothing more than attractive keeping you comfortable pinned to his blacklist?
And you can't deny you deserve this

Is the world wrapped around your finger so tightly that it turned you mean?
Do you lie awake with your demons? Tell me how good it is to be queen
beauty hurts