From the recording the Demo Box


Villains Anonymous
(by Mike Luno, 2012)
I get to re-visit
everything that went wrong with us
At the Sunday night meeting of
Villains Anonymous
It's a creepy, creepy crowd
But I ain't so proud anymore
And it's shocking to see
I'm really not alone
Just another bad guy who
answered the phone
Sincerely believing
They called me for the hero's role

(chorus 1)
And like most of the others
in this dirty old hall
You know I never really had any bad
intentions at all
Just a near-sighted, cowardly
self-satisfied fool
who doesn't look quite so cool anymore

And it occurs to me now
I never really did learn
she always lay wide awake beside
as I slipped away, unconcerned
Lying just as still as stone
was I dreaming through
all of her tears?
I had her number, I ran the show
Carve it on my tombstone,
easy come and easy go
They say time heals everything,
but this time I really don't know

(chorus 2)
And as I sit here with
all these other busted black hats
Now I try to be less a devil
than a diplomat
and slip out of the life of
the woman who fell for my charms
I never meant no harm

The holy man say -
'everybody rise and sing the hymn
with your hand where your
heart should have been
Think about the happy ending you made
just by missing from the final scene
Maybe all's fair in love and war
but there's poetic justice, too
and she sure looks happy without you'.
Hero, hero