1. Soul to Taste

From the recording Get Inside (mp3)


Soul to Taste
Music and Lyrics by Mike Luno

verse 1
You picked me up off the floor -
Broken cage, broken bird
This broken angel of mercy was breaking my nerve
For once I had no motive – one rare, innocent hour
I ordered a bottle and soon called a truce with myself
As though it were easy to do
Like a walk on thin ice falling through
I was wondering what broke
when you spoke to me for the first time

Now your scent is still on my clothes
and I'd give my soul to taste from the source again
How soon you faded away, and it's been three days
Forever comes 'round again
Can I never say never again?

Verse 2
Bohemian cowboys put a twang in my heart
And you stepped out smoking – we were stupid to start
In this experimental saloon
You seemed to know what you were doing
'Cause you got me from broken to awoken
in less than an hour

It feels like I know you already and that's the way
you're acting for some strange reason
On me like a fly, don't ask why
I'm no player but that may be why
you came or went
I just meant it to mean something real
Something real – I guess that wasn't your deal