From the recording Get Inside (mp3)

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Part-Time Panacea
Music and Lyrics by Mike Luno

verse 1
I took my number to wait outside her door
and sat so quietly – I saw no one come or go
But I was there all day
Overhead, over and over, tired easy-listening
Peggy Sue got married

chorus 1:
Won't you come out to play
(the way you used to)
You know you light my day
(even if you don't mean to)
Maybe you'll come 'round
'Cause you're my part-time panacea high
My high

verse 2
Somebody turned the music down -
I never did see who
My nerves fed on me
With just my heart to listen to
I tried to keep composure
From behind her door – the even voice of one who knows her

chorus 2:
Won't you come out to play
('cause you electrify me)
You know you light my day
(how can you deny me?)
Watching the doorknob turn
Here comes my part-time panacea high

Then her beauty hits me right between the eyes
'though she wears no smile or surprise
Obviously only I'm addicted for the moment
But we relax as she gives in
Because I've come to take my medicine