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Pretty Good Joke
Music by Mike Luno and Curtis Leippi. Lyrics by Mike Luno

verse 1:
Get me a hammer, a blowtorch and something to drink
I'm not leaving here 'til I break off a piece of my mind
I've been the joker, the loose, screw, the fool to fool you
Now I'm the straight face, the plank-head, the thick, silent kind
Would someone please help me
Make heads or tails of what I've done
Classify what I've become
Come on folks, let's move along
It's all over, it's all gone
The joke was made,
The mark was laid, sprayed and displayed

And that's a pretty good joke
Somebody's laughing somewhere, they've gotta be
You can choke a horse on this irony
Mr. young, wild cracker-jack is at a loss for words
Is there any cure?
Or is he running short on nerve?

Verse 2:
Get me a hacksaw, a bed sheet and a set of plain clothes
I'm busting out just as soon as the guard turns around
This is the mansion, the paradise I used to desire
I bled to have it, but now I just can't wait to get out
Would someone please help me
Tell the angels it's been fun
But I won't last, I've gotta run
Come on, folks, let's move along
It's all over, it's all done
The joke was told, the angels rolled, heaven got old

Get me religion, a talk show and a pyramid scheme
I'm not leaving here til I figure out what's so damned funny