From the recording the Demo Box

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All the Little Bits
lyrics copyright 2011 by Mike Luno

verse 1
So this is excommunication
The lines are drawn and there's no sign,
no hope, no reason
Now my thoughts are mostly useless
a toothless dog just
howling at the moon to answer
Break me to a million pieces
All the little bits still
crawl toward you, mindless
You couldn't smash me better if you'd planned it
So heavy-handed for such a graceful creature

There's no sound in space
So tell me, what is this place
that you've marooned me all alone?
Try, but you can't fool me
I see why you act so cruelly
But I really don't think you know

verse 2
So this is what I get for asking
Basking in our sunrise afterglow the last time
I had twelve hours left in one piece
In a time of dangerous lovers
Nobody recovers in time
As I took you back to your place
I could hear you fading out,
'though you pretended
everything was hunky dory
But the story was a re-run
and you only took a day to end it


All my precious pride was no match for you
and I've apologized for things I didn't even do
You brought me back to ragged life,
then you shut me down
It's harder going back to hell than
just hanging around there
harder comin' back than just
sticking around

verse 3
So this is what it's like to crumble
Dining on my pride
'til the bones are all picked clean
It's silent at your end of the table
Unwilling and unable,
Still as stable as a dream