From the recording Come On Come On Come On

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Busload of Weirdos
Music and Lyrics by Mike Luno

chorus 1
I'm on a busload of weirdos and there's another one getting on
Slumming superheroes and a wannabe Don Juan

verse 1:
I climb on – into the bus we ride on
Not too far gone before I look around to see what's staring back at me
Old man rockin' and not in a good way
Talkin' to Miss Thin Air
Blocking the aisle with the ghost of a smile,
miles beyond me
Ride the aisle, grip the rail
But nobody here can keep their balance
They all show stranger talents

chorus 2
Well, I'm on a busload of weirdos and crowded in between
I'm still nowhere near home and this is really not my scene

verse 2
We ride on – I pass the party girls goin' to town, getting so loud
Panoramic skin and conversation on display
Old eagle-eyed lady – trying to stare me down already
Like I'm shady
And the goth girl turns her romance novel page
Some are friendly, some are stone
Some don't speak the language
So don't ask me what this guy keeps asking me

chorus 3
I'm on a busload of weirdos – looks like I'm stuck here for a while
Among the partiers and paranoids for another dozen miles
Yeah, the busload of weirdos and everything's bizarre
It's strange that no one here knows how peculiar they are

You know I get the feeling I'm uneasy 'cause I kinda recognize
Every one of these travelling oddities
There's more than a little bit of them in me and me in them
I've been there and I'm catching sight of my reflection in every face here

I just lie back and smile now that I recognize
These are my people all inside out

chorus 4
I am a busload of weirdos – was I talking to myself?
My head's full of voices, but how many I can't tell
Partiers and paranoids, delusional and dazed
And all my cool composure – was it just a passing phase?