1. Heart Beat Up

From the recordings Get Inside (mp3) and Get Inside

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Heart Beat Up
Music and lyrics by Mike Luno

verse 1
She's got places to be
Time is money, time is sanity
and it's too tight to mention, too scarce to see
I walked away without a scratch on me-
walked away damned near invisibly

She likes remote control
She played with me until I wouldn't roll
and she pressed every button she could possibly find
Suffered the nightmare that I might not mind
Suffered a shock of a poetic kind

I could have begged, I could have cried
if not for the last stubborn ounce of my pride
Now her collection has one empty space,
got my heart beat up but I saved my face
Heart beat up but I saved my face

verse 2
The moon turns tides and flows
Money pulls, beauty draws, power grows
Handfuls of diamonds or just frozen tears
Her conscience was always the least of her fears
This widow's daughter is wise beyond her years

How she loves parades
Riding by in her casual display
and it doesn't matter which street I walk
Her cavalcade is coming 'round the block
Her smile rolls by smooth as a rock


verse 3
In this contagious state
nobody fights fires with a fire escape
But I've been here before and I know how it ends
Sometimes it's better to break than to bend
Sometimes you need a kick in the ass to transcend

Heart beat up but I saved my face
Heart beat up but I saved my face