1. Free Fall


Free Fall
(music and lyrics copyright 1995 by Mike Luno)
(verse 1)
I had no faith in the plane that carried us
I even distrusted you for being beside me
The cabin was cardboard and you strapped me into place
And my mind clenched itself into a fist as we took off
Canonball through the clouds, suffering
dense and desperate thoughts
Cold satisfaction froze my heart
as my fears got their foothold
It's not the height, it's not the speed that worries me
It's the way we both keep looking down
And it's not the things that we're talking about
It's the way your voice keeps riding higher now
But the last thing you said kept on running through my head
With the song of the hour -
I suppose it doesn't matter any more
Can you tell me how long my heart was stopped -
waiting for the long, last drop
Holding your hand as though we had any hope
in this numb, metallic skin
I'm just calling to tell you I'm alright
I unfastened my seatbelt last night
Darling sometimes I miss you
but it's good to be out of free fall
(verse 2)
We fell from the sky like stone birds
Making rain out of metal fatigue and bare wire
The last thing I saw was your blind side,
cold and familiar
So I tangled my fingers 'round the back of my neck
Put my head in my arms, bound my mind up with the end
It's only been about four years since I opened my eyes
Today I woke up to find my hand on the wheel
I almost died of shock to see I'm still around
The highway's here and gone
like you - lead me on
But I just don't have the nerve to fly for now
'Cause in some other space we're sprawled and
scattered in the field
With our sorrow and relief left to
auction our estate to pay the bills
It's good to be out of free fall