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Wrong Side of the River
(copyright 1998 by Mike Luno)
(verse 1)
Our last night together and we spent it apart
Didn't care much, I couldn't see in the dark
Brushed off my rogue male jacket and shoes
to go strut my stuff decked out in yesterday's news
Fell out of free fall, cut down to size
For making small talk with pretty blue bedroom knives
Otherwise, I'm at the end of my rope
Left hangin', left bangin' with
my past ganging up on me
Maybe it's all for the better
but I keep stumbling over debris
Used to be my house, used to be my plan
but things got out of hand
Well my ship came in but it can't deliver
I burned my bridge from the wrong side of the river
Smart as an arrow and sharp as the quiver
Burned my bridge from the wrong side of the river
(verse 2)
I had too much credit coming to me -
I was Mr. Moral with a college degree
Stone-cold cynical with passions of lead
I knew my weak spot like the back of my head
She had a lot of nerve, I had a dream
We indulged each other one New Year's Eve
Simple - but in the end
it's too bad her lover was my best friend
Maybe it was worth the fallout but
I didn't think the fur would fly so high
I was taken to pieces, taken to task
Well sorry I didn't ask
Such sweet sorrow, parting right down the seam
I saw it coming like you wouldn't believe
Losing could kill me but it takes less work
At least at first
But now I'm waiting by the riverside
for the hunters to arrive
Sitting at the riverside
expecting a few old friends of mine