1. Rope
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(Music by Mike Luno and David Augustine, lyrics by Mike Luno, copyright 1997)
verse 1
Be careful with that rope my dear
There's more in your hands than you need
Is there something that you want to secure
Or are you here to rescue me?
And in your preoccupation
I think you might have come undone
Tie it up, tie it down,
Rope yourself in while you can
But I hope you'll call me if
you ever get loose again

verse 2
You can buy it in almost any colour
Rough or smooth, slim or stout
Walk down the street - they're nearly giving it away
Now's the time to try it out
They've got hemp for your ankles
bolts of silk for your tongue
Fly free and easy, eventually
you will escape the ties that bind
Greed, lust and envy crashed the party
and they're too much fun to turn away
Chafed at the wrist, they're still pretty pissed
But you might make amends
They're as much of you as your fingerprints-
Don't give yourself or me any more excuses