1. Bury My Heart
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Bury My Heart
copyright 1996 by Mike Luno
verse 1
I can think of a thousand reasons
I shouldn't feel as I do about you
You've got me so preoccupied
and that's a very bad sign
It's obsession, it's just lust
It's desperation, I don't trust this
drift toward you
I can't control these hands of mine
So I take a step back
And turn my best blind eye
get neutral as the sky
Detached, apart, I can't keep a straight face
til I bury my heart
Sea of sand over me
I love you indestructibly
verse 2:
So you ask me again if I'm alright
while I'm in pieces lying at your feet
But rock-steady and reassuring
my voice isn't mine
I'm still hopelessly aloof
All polite and bullet-proof
Don't you believe it - I'd like to get uncivilized
So I take a step out
And every inch is war
And you've got one foot out the door
Detached, apart, I can't keep a straight face
Til I bury my heart
It was too heavy to carry
It slowed me down, you nearly got away
Now here I am unreal and heartless
And I have your trust to throw away