1. Skin
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copyright 1999 by Mike Luno
verse 1:
Buttoned up correctly, you're powdered and painted -
Too precious to touch
I might just try anyway
I'm going to leave a fingerprint on your lipstick
God, what a smudge -
That'll teach me to get in your glossy way
Pouring your heart into your face for an hour every morning
with a re-touch at night
Otherwise, who's going to believe you?
Well I understand no one goes unpainted
A lover-cover just to get us acquainted
But I must admit
Sometimes I'd just like to see some skin
When you're so real I can't look away
skin - when you're bold as electricity
It's so good to finally meet you in the flesh
Let me introduce myself
verse 2:
Today you're calm as a power-station,
mild as a martyr, quiet as a minefield
My, it's going to be a hot time tonight
I won't complain, I won't explain,
I won't be first to break the silence
if it takes all day
After that - I'm just a salesman
I've got irony of ebony, comebacks from the coal-sack
reaching down so deep
And you look just tickled to death
Well I'm heavy- red- empty-handed as I clench my fist
You speak the truth like it's none of my business
In this tangle of resistance, it's just skin
You don't believe me, do you?
Your doubt has come off in my hands
I have no angle and I have no master plan
You make photographed perfection pale and dull
when you let yourself be the unpainted thing you really really are