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I Think I'm Coming Down With Something
Music and lyrics copyright 1992 by Mike Luno
verse 1:
I've been jumping at my shadow every time it says hello
Knockin' 'round my home sweet hollow, feeling fevered, head to toe
Sleep's been wild and broken - dream doctors crowd my bed
The scattershot of thoughts unspoken are leaving impacts in my head
I might try to reach the kitchen or I might just dream I do
I wonder what kind of money the moon makes for surveillance all night through
Everybody's talking' - stories spread like flu
I can't trace the source but now this whole town
knows me better than I do
I think I'm coming down with something
The ground keeps shifting out from under me
just as I find my feet
Like a tidal wave in a swimming pool
Like an alien communique
I can't reply to what you say
verse 2:
Step outside my backdoor to withstand the light of day
The neighbours stay in hiding 'cause I'm still down with the plague
There's a copperhead in my garden - we get along just fine
I know her by her colours, and she knows me by mine
The clouds are getting heavy - black like oil smoke
Where there's smoke there's fire - or maybe someone played a joke
Truth is strange as fiction - pleasure strange as pain
Some can't tell one from the other and most just pass the blame