1. Zero
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copyright 1998. Music by Mike Luno and David Augustin. Lyrics by Mike Luno
verse 1:
Don't give your blood, don't break your back
Don't break a sweat, at least not yet
It could all be for zero
Don't waste your time, don't lift a finger
If it doesn't ignite, addict or excite
It's pretty much zero
Zero is my price and still she will not buy
Zero is the new shape of my lover's eyes
verse 2:
Well I feel alright - I'm not complaining
But she's shaking her head and I'm better off dead
than living at zero
I don't understand but she's not explaining
and she shows evidence and I'm halfway convinced
I'm the very next zero
I lost my nerve waiting out her attention span
She hardly got past my nails
When I caught her drifting
and I rolled with her insistent little thoughts
Long before she was insisting
I really ought to forget
Zero's in the eye of the beholder
verse 3:
Now I'm cut good and loose
We swept each other off the table
She found herself a white saint who won't suffer restraint
When he's ten below zero
Such a heavy, heavy charge - don't you smell something burning?
He disappeared in the smoke, left her for broke
The butt of the ultimate infinite joke