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Saturday Morning
Music and lyrics copyright 1990 my Mike Luno
verse 1:
Saturday morning - I've got a monkey at my mind
It's clouding me up - it rides my thoughts and drives me blind
Off I hurry with open arms to welcome you inside
Wherever you are - wherever you hide
Nobody home now - so I try, try again
and worry to ruin - jitter by myself again
Because I know how much you used to
like to change your mind, time after time
Give me a moment to think it all over or I'm
likely to lose my resolve
|Give me a moment of your time
it's over before I've arrived
Before I've arrived - are you ready to play
or are you running out again?
Well this time I'll come looking for you
verse 2
Saturday evening -
I could never think of what to say
Trouble receding -
I put it off for one more day
You say jump, I ask how high
I while away in vain for your reply again
Do it over again!