1. Rocking Chair
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Rocking Chair
Music and lyrics copyright 1991 by Mike Luno
verse 1:
Sitting in a rocking chair at the top of a stairway
It's getting too dark to see
The bottom was the end of my troubles
I guess I must have rocked myself to sleep
The next thing that I clearly remember
I saw stars by the carload fly
Eventually I stirred and simmered
as the last limousine passed me by
I've followed and broken each rule like a good boy
Drove around restless and ragged each night
I'd be contented to sit here beside you
but while the seat is occupied
I'll teach this rocking chair to fly
verse 2:
In the evening as the heat died down
I took a long walk by the water
Boardwalk bands played to the sand
The houses don't get much bigger
And on my travel down I heard the meanest country
I haven't even touched my guitar
in a week and now I'm sorry