1. Gray Sedan
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Gray Sedan
Music and lyrics copyright 1991 by Mike Luno
verse 1:
Most often I'm cold to the touch and my skin shows no scratches
I'm not built for comfort or speed, but it's still a smooth ride
Watch the cityscape silently slip by
Listen hard and you might hear a heartbeat
but it's probably yours
On clear summer days I will find my way downtown
Watching the pretties in their summertime blues
From the time you've noticed I've been approaching
I've spent ten minutes quietly encroaching
I might offer a ride - would you like to step inside?
I'm not invisible but I'm the next best thing
I'm wearing my new dark glasses just to be unseen
I'm not into small talk, I don't want to shake your hand
I've got more important plans - I'm a gray sedan
verse 2:
You might be surprised by how well I've been getting to know you
Sometimes I can hardly believe it myself
I can't wait to see you this evening - please don't be late
My invisibility is really my peace of mind
I'm as good as transparent - or better, sometimes
So maybe I don't grab your attention
These days I care too little to mention
High roller, soldier, spy
kissed the girls and made them cry
Well I tried so hard, tried not trying, but I could not win
My looks, talk, build and bearing,
whatever I was wearing locked me out
Isolation, revelation, my salvation
I see so much clearer now
Built my attitude with solitude, but
darling, I'm not done with you
No, I'm not done with you