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Small Talk Waltz
Music and lyrics copyright 1990 by Mike Luno
verse 1:
and I said - listen to my voice and not my words to hear me
and she said - speak from your heart not from your
mind or fingertips - you've got to breathe, breathe
There's trouble coming to me, I can tell
I've been a liar and I'm frightened I will be believed again
Does this make any sense?
Look at your blank face in the mirror now and tell me -
what does it mean? What do you mean?
Sometimes you make me feel so alone
There's little more than small talk holding me to you
verse 2:
And she said - I'm going now
so far away, I've nothing here
I didn't ask if I was part of nothing
she soon let me know, she let me know
Speak from your heart, not from old notes and photographs
Running in the rain of time that should have washed you clean
should have washed you clean