1. Get Inside

From the recording Get Inside

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Get Inside
Music and lyrics copyright 2011 by Mike Luno

verse 1
I can taste it on the underside
Fall beneath, between, behind
Nothing else can cross my mind
but to find a way to get inside
I can lighten my load, but not unwind
The torture victim of all I've spied
Loving it rough but not contrived
That's how I plan to get inside

Of everything that stings and burns
She always wins and never learns
She knows what I came here for
But she plays dumb and still wants more
Just let it ride, fratricide
When I'm tired, there's suicide
That'll be the day that I die inside

It's the drug to heaven so impossibly dear
The object of lust you could never get near
The key to the gate 'round your mansion on high
It's revenge and redemption, it's a trick of the light
Or so you theorize
Wrong destination, wrong road, wrong ride

verse 2
I'm a man of peace but beast of pride
Even Christ was thrice denied
Peter and I proudly lied
I couldn't care less if I get inside
I'm hot and cold at the strangest times
My hijacked head spins on a dime
No matter what I can't decide
It comes back to dreaming that I get inside

Smells so good I've gotta track it
without a clue of how to attack it
It's beyond my powers to bend her
Safer now to hump my fender
The nation's at an awkward age
the universe is mostly beige
Light's so hot I froze onstage -
forgot to say

Do you ever wonder why the harder you try to
put your finger on that sweet spot, it's not quite there?
But if you let it slide and subside
You can open up your over-cooled self to that invisible sun?
Do you ever find you're unsatisfied possessing everything you sold your soul to have?
It's not an isolated incident or coincidence, no fluke, no trick,
no plastic satisfaction
Release, fall back, let go of your