1. Exposure

From the recording Get Inside

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music and lyrics copyright 2011 by Mike Luno

verse 1
I can't get arrested in this tight little town
Everybody's shocked by nothing but the shock waves get around
And you parade yourself, bold as brass to beat the band
Everybody knows that you can't dance, but
your moves are in such fierce demand

And you never did tell me
If you're doing it for love or money or free
Perhaps two out of three?
You overwhelm me
with your professional detachment, caught me crying
I've been trying, I've been trying, I've been trying to
Get myself exposure
You've gotta burn yourself on every eye
Can you get enough exposure?
We haven't got much time

verse 2
You make it look easy, you take away the sting
I find myself forgetting this business is obscene
This is the year we pay big dues
Smile as you swallow
their abuse
There's no guarantee but you and I could be
exposed enough to matter to the dimmest minds you'll see


chorus b
exposure, exposure
Don't you wanna buy my funky t-shirt
Can you get enough exposure?
It's addictive and for better or worse there's no cure