1. Free Or Dear

From the recording Get Inside


Free Or Dear
Music and lyrics copyright 2000 by Mike Luno

verse 1:
'What's your passion?' She asked me and I gave half the answer
I said, 'there's my music – I doubt I'd last a day without it.'
And then she told me 'bout a dream she had
She'd got herself some leading man
And that almost did the trick
'Cause she burns like newspaper – fast and hot, then she's gone

verse 2:
You can get off at the drop of a hat
But for a little more, you'd go to the ends of the earth
And when you've caught the thing that you've chased
Is it as good as the first taste?
Did you know better after all?
The streets are full of hunters chasing ghosts at closing time

So you tell me -
What's going to take you higher still,
Let's be honest now – think it through
I'm telling you
There's no use buying second-hand
Paradise on earth is free or dear but nowhere in between

verse 3
Sometimes I feel like Paradise is floating near
Sometimes I think I might have wandered through accidentally
I guess I mistook it for a break in the action
And I fell to distraction
Well the more I think about it, the more signs I see


You know the flesh is always willing -
And that's alright by me
But the spirit is on the take or the make for a cheap drink or company
Getting to heaven's an accident, falling to hell is a planned event
What can you do? It's up to you
Which would you like? What do you want?