From the recording Get Inside

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Caesar's Palace
Music by Mike Luno and Curtis Leippi. Lyrics by Mike Luno copyright 2004

verse 1:
It's easy living, we need a villain
We've got this sack of knives – let's make a killing
Become your mother, go back to the gutter
Jesus and George Washington may live but not recover

Isn't this backward, baby? How did we twist it right around?
They're untouchable in Caesar's Palace
Royalty don't like us hangin' 'round
They say get back, get back

verse 2:
It's easy comin', we don't mind slummin'
I'm sure it's temporary – happy days will soon come runnin'
Fair fight's for losers, not boulevard cruisers
Absolute power's breeding absolute users

verse 3:
Toys from heaven, tits after eleven
If we stay entertained, we won't need forgiving
Where you going, baby – how could you blame me?
Maybe it got ugly but I always thought you'd save me

Royalty knows how to handle crowds...