1. Rugburn

From the recording Get Inside

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Music and Lyrics copyright 2011 by Mike Luno

verse 1:
I'm such a broken man from all of this misuse
And in the mirror it gets clearer what all's hanging loose
It makes me want to cry, it makes me want to laugh
If I could stand, I'd shower down -
But today I'll have to take a bath

verse 2:
I asked for what I got – I got what I deserved
With a little bit more thrown on the floor -
You know I missed that nasty curve
She had the whole world up her sleeve
and she wore it off the shoulder well
but I was running on a heady brew of mighty nervous energy
and lechery and woe is me, I think I'm on the

Road to rugburn
I'm shiny as a new dime – for a good time, take the
Road to rugburn
I'm wearing it with pride
from this long and bumpy ride

verse 3:
She wasted little time – there was no intermission
It was a non-stop no-stick nuclear frypan of ecstatic demolition
She said, 'shut up, already – it's not like we're going steady.
And I don't have time to listen to your missing marble knockin'
when we're rockin' pay attention 'cause you're not halfway through the
verse 4:
The things we do for fun, the things we take for pain
all the rough fabric we can't wear for reasons that we can't explain
I'm awkward when I walk – I sure as well won't win no race
But I'm troubled and befuddled 'cause my memory won't tell me how I
got it on my face when I took the