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Supernova Interview with Mike Luno Band
Nov 1, 2012
"We've always aspired to make music that equally compels the listener to ponder the implications of the lyrics, hum the quirky melodies, soak in the colours of the unusual chords, or dance to the super-tight rhythm section. All that and the vocal timbre, drum tone/arrangement, and nuvo-retro guitar stylings make for a musical composite completely our own."

Independent Music and Media interview with Mike Luno
Oct 1, 2012
"Walk into any public place that is designed to give you an enjoyable experience - a restaurant, a club, a store, a movie theatre - and you'll hear music of some sort. Even in its most banal roles, it enhances the human experience. It provides comfort, empathy, energy, engagement."

A Sweet Sunday Night at Granville Island’s Backstage Lounge
August 26, 2012
"The night kicked off at about 9:00 p.m. with the Mike Luno Band taking the stage and playing their hearts out with some interesting originals and amazing musical skills, in particular the guitar-picking, which was nothing short of impressive."

Hungry hearts, thirsty throats: Vancouver musicians talk summer cocktails
June 28, 2018
"Clearly a man who likes being in charge, Mike Luno leads a trio named after him, the band’s latest, Get Inside, confidently drawing on everything from classic rock to gut-punch funk to AM-radio pop."

YourMusicNews Interview with Mike Luno Band
May 29, 2012
"Great musical moments are deeply invigorating, powerful and addictive. This is true for live performance and songwriting. The writing can also be quite cathartic"

Mike Luno Band makes a Statement with Get Inside
Georgia Straight March 29, 2012
"Plaudits immediately have to go to the veteran guitarist’s playing: it’s clear that he’s a serious musician, but he’s not so rigorous in his pursuit of perfection that he’s edited all fun and surprise out of his work. Rather than shred, he tries to make a statement with his solos."